Lombok and Gili Islands offer diving for everyone – from entry-level until experienced and adventurous diving. 

In North Lombok, around the famous Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno, Air) there are several dive spots great for beginners and fun divers, water is warm (27-300 C) all year round and visibility is pretty good. You can experience drift diving, wreck diving, sharks diving and meet all families of sea turtles! Among our favourite spots are Turtle Heaven, Shark Point, Halik and Deep Turbo.

South Lombok, located by the Indian Ocean, has beautiful reefs and corals, different marine life but is more weather-related due to common swell. Depending on the season and sea condition, diving in Kuta area, Belongas or Tampah allow seeing beautiful rock formations, canyons, caves, and untouched corals. Different species of sharks, nudibranchs, manta rays and even Mobula rays or dugong can be spotted. JJ Air, Gili Sarang, Gili Medas, Cathedral or famous Magnet are worth diving so that you experience a diversity of scuba diving in Lombok.

East Lombok, although more popular for Pink Beach, has also some dive spots worth visiting. What you can spot there? Among many species of nudibranchs, coral fish, young population of sharks are quite common to meet. On the way to East Lombok you can watch simple local fisherman life, farms of shrimps and tobacco plantations.

West-South Lombok, called “unspoiled South Gilis” or Sekotong, are another dive destination for those who need more diving or just simply snorkeling tour. This part of Lombok is still not a much touristic part of the island but its 13 small islands is a reason for a full-day trip itself.