Whether you love macro or big fish, you will find something interesting for you in one of many dive sites located around Lombok.

Dive spots in North Lombok (Gili Islands)


Dive site Depth (m) Description What’s to see
15 to 20 Sandy bottom between 3 to 7 meters deep leading to a gentle slope reaching max 40 meters. Most of the dive is a drift around 15 to 20 meters. Often seen, humphead parrot fish.
Shark Point
10 to 30 Coral bottom following a slope from 10 to 30 meters. Drift dive with some strong current from time to time. Dive with white tip shark.
5 to 25 Dive site made of artificial reefs set up by the Gili Eco Trust in order to help the growth of broken corals. Sandy bottom between 5 to 25 meters following a gentle slope. Drift dive in slow currents.
Deep turbo
Sandy bottom and huge rocks covered in strong and soft corals. Possibility to meet with white tip sharks and fields of garden moray eels.


North diving spots – Gili Meno

Dive site Depth (m) Description What’s to see
Meno Wall
5 to 23 Sandy-coral bottom from 5 to 7 meters then a wall all the way to 23 meters. Drift dive. Strong and soft corals
Meno Slope
3 to 20 Sandy-coral bottom from 3 to 7 meters then a slope all the way to 20 meters covered in strong and soft corals. Drift dive and turtle encounter guarantee.
Bounty Wreck
15 to 25 Gentle slope rich in tropical fishes, nudibranchs and turtles. Max depth 20 to 25 meters. The end of the dive takes place on a small wreck covered in strong and soft corals around 15 to 18 meters.
Secret garden
10 to 30 Coral bottom down to 10 meters followed by a slope down to mac 30 meters. Drift dive. Massive dive site where many dives are possible. Also known as Turtles Park!


North diving spots – Gili Air

Dive site Depth (m) Description What’s to see
6 to 21 Sandy-coral bottom between 6 to 10 meters then gentle slope to 21 meters. Drift dive with slow current. Possibility to dive the north or the south part of the location. Massive rock covered in corals and full of fishes going from 6 to 18 meters.
Air wall
5 to 29 Sandy-coral bottom between 5 to 12 meters followed by a wall all the way down to 29 meters. Drift dive with strong currents. Rich in corals and fishes such as scorpion and stone fish.


Dive spots in South Lombok (Kuta, Gerupuk, Tampah, Belongas)



Diving Kuta

Dive site Depth (m) Description What’s to see
Scorpion point
4 to 12 Sandy bottom with sea grass and hard coral. An artificial reef in the deepest part made of concretes block in pyramidal formation. Juveniles Lions fish, bat fish, scorpion fish, sweet lips, anemone fish, Razor fish.
5 to 15 Gentle slope of hard coral, rocks and sandy bottom. Further outside the slope changes to spectacular rock formations and reaches a depth of 25m. School fish of different bat fish species, many juveniles, school of snappers, lion fish, Lobsters, octopus good for macro, like nudibranchs, flat worms, porcelain crabs.
8 to 17 Easy slope, that alternate with white sand, soft coral, and big rock formation. Blue spotted sting ray, Lobster, Shrimps, Colorful Nudibranchs, Boxer shrimps, Clownfish and others anemone fish.
Boro Bagik 1
10 to 20 Interesting underwater landscape with huge boulders that flattens to a plateau at 20 meters where cuts in the ground create overhangs covered with beautiful soft corals. Many swim through and arches. Which are a popular place with lobsters and crustaceans, school of snappers, Napoleon, sting ray. Manta when right season.
Boro Bagik 2
15 to 25 Steep slope with canyons, where surge pushes you in and out. Soft coral, shrimps, lobsters, morays, puffer and porcupine fish in abundance. Manta when right season.
Boro Bagik 3
12 to 30 2 steep pinnacles, with very narrow canyons, where rough current and surge make the dive challenging. Colorful sea fan and soft coral Napoleon, Humped parrot fish, White tip shark. Manta when right season.
Gili Medas
12 to 35 West/south side, quickly drop to depth, and offers great rock formations covered by hard coral,
North/East side much shallower, flatten to beautiful soft coral garden.
Eagle Ray, Blue spotted sting ray, school of barracudas,fusillier sweetlips, groupers.
Coral Garden
19 max You dive around two larger rocks with a series of smaller rocks which lie on sand. Soft corals in yellow, orange and purple colors, whip corals, some gorgonians and anemones. Some nice nudibranchs and shrimps and also school of yellow tail barracudas.
Gerupuk Slope
10 to 19 Here we find a wall that bottoms out at about 30m, fascinating hard coral formations that invite to explore. Lobster, crabs, and stingrays hide in the multitude of niches and crevices. sweet lips, parrotfish, and emperor fish, good chance to encounter with tuna or trevallies.
Gerupuk coral garden
6 to 15 Site protected from waves and current. A beautiful coral garden gently dropping down to a sandy bottom. All kind of reef fish also squids and cuttlefish.
Mawun slope
8 to 25 Slope starting at 8m and leads to an amazing soft coral garden down to 25 meters. Manta when right season.
Snappers, sweetlips, surgeon fish, humped parrot fish.
Are Guling
8 to 15 Sandy slope and interesting rock formations. At 15 m a flat coral garden starts with a mix of table-,
leather coral, soft corals and big sponges.
Lobsters and crustaceans, stingrays and moray eels.
Mawun Inside
2 to 12 2 protected reef dive sites which are perfectly suitable for Beginners The right reef starts at 2m and you dive along the reef with hard coral formations on top of perfect white sand to a maximum depth of 9m.
The left side of Mawun is a soft coral slope going down to a maximum depth of 12 meters.
Usual reef fish and also octopus and stingrays.
8 to 35 2 Steeps pinnacles close to each other, forming labyrinth. Covered by amazing colorful soft coral and huge sea fans. Fairy baslets, multitude of macro motives like shrimps and nudibranches, but also bigger fish such as: napoleon fish or barracuda are not a rare sight at this reef. While diving here, also keep an eye on the blue water, as here and there we were also able to spot a manta or hammerhead sharks.
Cathedral (Belongas)
15 to 60 Large pinnacle rises from about 60m to the surface.
Swell and current.
Wall covered with soft corals, sponges and tunicates. There are yellow sea cucumbers everywhere, sea snakes.
Gili Sarang (Belongas)
Down to 35 Many pinnacles and impressive boulders rise up from depth and offer impressive, colorful soft corals and sea fans. Jacks fish, sweet lips, and surgeon fish, Reef sharks.
Blue Hole (Belongas)
5 to 35 A cave that has its entry point at about 17m, and once inside, opens up into a huge cavern deepest corner of the cave lies at 35 m, flash light recommended. Exit at 10 m on colorful coral garden. Jacks fish, sweet lips, and surgeon fish, Reef sharks.