South Lombok, including Kuta, has been recently growing: thanks to world-class sports events like Moto GP Indonesia, surfing and diving are getting more recognised as a goal itself to visit this part of Lombok.

Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean may be an incredible experience for everyone. Beautiful rock formations, canyons and caves attract small and big fish but what’s the most important – give you the experience of a secluded place and virgin dives spots.In Kuta you can visit us in one of 2 locations: in Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas  near Mandalika Circuit, and in the center of Kuta.

As you stay in Kuta you can dive in Kuta area, Gerupuk and Tampah where we dive daily, or in Belongas or Pink Beach (on request). In here you have an opportunity to book your diving in Komodo and Gili Islands as well.
We offer many programs for families including PADI courses, diving for kids, snorkeling trips to Gili Nanggu or Pink Beach, fun diving in southern dive spots, trip to Gili Islands, Scuba Refresh etc. In the event of big swell in Kuta, we will advise you an alternative program.

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Diving in an old shipwreck:

Trip to Pink Beach:

Diving with sea snake in Belongas:


What are the most popular programs in South Lombok?


The Indian Ocean will surprise you with its power, diversity of corals, sea snakes, big fish and amazing underwater landscape! You can meet schools of barracuda, sharks, maul manta, dugongs and other unusual creatures. It is common to dive with currents and oceanic swell.

Duration: 1/2 day (Kuta / Gerupuk / Tampah)
Inclusions: boat trip, diving equipment, divemaster, water, coffee/tea, snack, lunch box, 2 or 3 different spots.


Earn basic skills in the swimming pool to be more familiar with underwater breathing before you face the Indian Ocean! No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary. Diving under the strict supervision of a PADI instructor.

Duration: 1 h in the pool, 1/2 of the day (depending on chosen program)
Inclusions: boat trip, diving equipment, PADI Pro, water, coffee/tea, snack, 1 or 2 different spots*.

*different programs and destinations


We offer you a full-day trip to Belongas, a remote place famous for colourful, untouched coral reefs and big fish (incl. hammerhead sharks, white and blacktip sharks, groupers, barracudas). Some dive spots are recommended only to experienced divers (Magnet, Cathedral). The best season to see hammerhead sharks in July – September.

For diving in Magnet, we require a min. Advanced Certification and min. 50 logged dives.

Duration: approx. 7 h; on request
Inclusions: boat & car transportation, diving equipment, Instructor, water, coffee/tea, snack, lunch, 2 or 3 dives.


East Lombok is another alternative to experience our tropical island! This area, located in front of Sumbawa island, is a paradise for fishermen. Still not developed and more popular for local tourists, Pink Beach area is a pristine region where you can spot baby sharks and colourful fresh corals. This mixed car-boat trip will bring you to the natural traditional life of Lombok.

Duration: 8:00 – 17:00. min. 2 divers
Inclusions: car, boat trip, diving equipment, guide, water, coffee/tea, snack, lunchm 2 different spots, break on the beach.


Relax at the place of natural beauty. Enjoy crystal clear waters and multi-coloured aquatic life.

Duration: 8:00 – 17:00. min. 2 pax
Inclusions: car transportation, boat trip, snorkelling equipment, guide, water, coffee/tea, snack, 2 different spots, break on the island.


Get the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course! To enrol in a PADI Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be 10. years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

Duration: 3 days
Inclusions: PADI e-Manual, PADI certificate, logbook, diving equipment, pool session, 4 open water dives from the boat, water, coffee/tea and snack; small groups.


It is a PADI program dedicated to children 8-10 years old. With a little help from PADI, you can give your kids a glimpse into the scuba diving lifestyle and set them on the path to becoming a future scuba divers. We organize Bubblemaker in the swimming pool.

Duration: 1 h
Inclusions: Bubblemaker diploma, diving equipment, soft drink, snack, PADI Pro.

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