Why Advanced Diver certificate is required while going to dive safari?

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Why Advanced Diver certificate is required while going to dive safari?
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How to be a good and safe diver? The answer is obvious: you need to practise, refresh and sharp your skills! A dive safari is the best way to merge it all.
Raja Ampat, Ambon and Komodo are famous for big fish, beautiful reefs and currents. Some dive spots are underwater mountains, that`s why we have to dive deeper to meet big fish and avoid being caught by the local currents. Our recommendation is to be at least Advanced Open Water Diver or Deep Diver Specialist. When you prepare yourself for a dive safari you should seriously consider purchasing your own SMB (surface marker) and a reef hook (mandatory for some dive sites) or pointer stick which will increase diver safety and comfort to deal with currents and unpredicted situation. If you are not able to buy it in advance, ask our crew for rental or products for sale.
To all who have less than 12 dives and are Open Water Divers (max. 18 m depth) MV Empress offers: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course or PADI Adventure Dives (e.g. Deep, Drift, Night) and PADI Adventure Diver course (you should complete 2 more Adventure dives incl. underwater navigation) to apply for AOWD certificate.
If you are interested to join our dive safari and sharp your skills, please contact us in advance: contact@scubafroggy.com
Read more about AOWD course here:

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