Where do we dive?

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Padang Bai – a picturesque coastal village with a beach restaurant (showers and toilets available). From Ubud it’s just one hour. We arrive at our dive center in Candidasa where we embark on a local boat called a “Jukung” and go for 2 easy dives in nearby bays Blue Lagoon, Biastegul, and Jepun. For divers who hold the Advanced Diver Certification or equivalent; we offer more demanding sites; namely Tepekong and Mimpang. All of these dive sites are famous for a wide variety of marine creatures; blue spotted rays, moray eels, scorpion fish, white tip shark, turtles, cuttle fish and many more. There is also a small boatwreck at 18 metres depth and you can even encounter a small excursion submarine as it takes tourists down to the depths. After 2 dives we take you for a lunch and then return you home.
Pick up 8:00 am and return at around  3 to 4 pm

Tulamben  – a small village on the East side of Bali famous for the enormous 120 metre long WWII shipwreck; The USAT Liberty. Most of the dives in Tulamben are from the beach as the Liberty Wreck is situated only 30 meters from the shore. It is one of the world’s dive sites and the best site in Bali for night dives. Between the dives we enjoy lunch at the restaurant on the beach which overlooks the site; and from here we do our briefings. A must see!
Pick up at 7:30am and return at around 5 to 6 pm
Note: Tulamben has the longest travel time at 2.5 hours each way but is worth it for the Liberty Wreck. The journey takes us along terraced rice fieds, past volcanoes and through gorgeous traditional villages that haven’t changed in many years. A photographer’s paradise.

Amed  – is a nicely situated village amongst the hills with rocky volcanic dark sand beaches; with the Mighty Agung Volcano overlooking the ocean. We have a couple of sites to dive here. One features a small Japanese shipwreck covered in coral; where we are able to do 2 dives. Around the wreck you can find beautiful coral reefs with thousands of fish. We also descend from a small local “Jukung” boat. Another cool feature is an artificial reef which is made from concrete blocks similar in shape to small pyramids. There are more than 30 of them and in all of these constructions you can find lion fish, moray eels and hundreds more creatures hiding amongst the structures. Our second dive is at the drop off which descends to 30 meters. The shallow part of this dive site has a Gorgonian garden with massive mushroom coral. You have to see it to truly understand the beauty of this area; it’s an underwater paradise.
Pick up 7:30am and return at around 5 to 6 p.m
Note: Amed has the longest transfer time at 3 hours each way.

Nusa Penida – We take you to this location by car from Ubud. Just an hour’s drive to Padangbai Harbor. Nusa Penida Island is located between Lombok and Bali within 35 min. by speedboat from the harbor at Padangbai. The dive sites of this region have beautiful coral reefs, a huge diversity of marine life as well as the best visibility you can find. Manta Point is the main dive site and a must-see in Bali; with large mantas up to 4 meters from tip to tip, and we can partake in a couple of drift dives; Crystal Bay with a beautiful coral slope reaching dark depths. While diving around the Islands you will enjoy the diversity of marine life: manta, molas, scorpion fish, lion fish, turtles, big puffer fish, bat fish, angel fish, white tip and nurse sharks, moray eels and more. We provide tasty lunch and drinking water on the speedboat.
Pick up 7:30am and return for around 2/3 p.m








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