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Welcome to Senggigi!

To book preferred activities, feel free to visit us in one of 2 locations: in the center of the town or in Sheraton Senggigi Hotel (at the beach).

As you stay in Senggigi you can dive in Gili islands, in Senggigi area (House Reef, Kecinan), in Kuta and Belongas. In here you have an opportunity to book your diving in Komodo as well.
We offer many programs for families including PADI courses, diving for kids, snorkeling trips around Gili Islands, fun diving in House Reef, Kecinan and in the South of Lombok, Night Diving, Scuba Refresh etc.

Read more about the most popular programs described below.
For more details ask our staff: tel. +62 (0) 8786 5511 090 or 8786 5798 117.

Feel a piece of paradise – meet with turtles, friendly clown fish, multicolored trigger fish, lion fish, morey eels and diverse coral reefs around the three Gili Islands!
Duration: approx. 7 h
INCLUDED: car transportation, boat trip, diving/snorkeling equipment, guide, water, coffee/tea, snack, 2 different spots, break on the island.

snorkeling trip_Gili

Learn basic skills in the swimming pool to be more familiar with underwater breathing before you face with beautiful tropical coral reefs in the sea! No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary. Diving under the strict supervision of PADI instructor.
Duration: 1 h in the pool, 5 h trip to Gili Islands (depending on chosen program)
INCLUDED: car transportation, boat trip, diving equipment, PADI Pro, water, coffee/tea, snack, 2 different spots, break on the island.

Discover Scuba Diving

Get the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course! To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be 10 years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.
Duration: 3 days
INCLUDED: PADI e-Manual, PADI certi cate, logbook, diving equipment, pool session, 4 open water dives from the boat, water, coffee/tea and snack; small groups.

This is a PADI program dedicated to children 8-10 years old. With a little help from PADI, you can give your kids a glimpse into the scuba diving lifestyle and set them on the path to becoming a future scuba diver. We organize Bubblemaker in the swimming pool.
Duration: 1 h
INCLUDED: Bubblemaker diploma, diving equipment, soft drink, snack, PADI Pro.


We offer you full day trip to Kuta (Lombok) and Belongas, which are famous of colorful, untouched coral reef and big fish (incl. hammerhead sharks). Some dive spots in Belongas are recommended to experienced divers.
Duration: approx. 7 h
INCLUDED: boat & cat transportation, diving equipment, guide, water, coffee/tea, snack, lunch, 2 dives.


Our boats in Senggigi:
SF diving boat
Rubber boat

OUR STAFF in Senggigi:
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DIVE SPOTS around Gili Islands click here

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