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Liveaborad “MV Empress” in Scuba Froggy fleet

We are proud to announce that Scuba Froggy is the operator of liveaboard “MV Empress”. Since the spring of year 2016 we will organize diving trips, among others, to Flores and Komodo, Raja Ampat and the Java Sea.
“MV Empress” is a unique boat with a rich history and success in the exploration wreck and technical diving. Equipped with, among others, a decompression chamber, compressors, blenders or pneumatic gas lift, allows us to organize diving trips for the most demanding divers (including technical diving, scuba sidemont, wreck diving, etc.). On the other hand, homing devices (sonar, GPS) will increase the efficiency of diving and exploring hitherto undiscovered reefs!
More details, including dates and rates – coming soon!

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