For beginners (no certification)

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You don’t have to be an certified diver to try diving! DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING is the program designed for beginners who want to try diving for the first time and are still hesitating to undertake a PADI OPEN WATER Course.

Where do we dive?

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During DSD PREMIUM you will not get a PADI certificate but you will learn how to set up your diving gear and you will do a couple of simple skills in the pool; learn how to breathe and swim underwater during a pool session, which takes around 2 hours on the first day. The next day we will take you for 2 dives to one of the best locations in Bali. You will dive to 12 meters depth with direct supervision of our PADI professional instructor who will be guiding you during your dives. You will see a lot of marine life and leave with the memories of an unforgettable lifetime experience.

During this program you will do 2 dives in the sea with direct supervision of our PADI professional instructor. This program is for guests who have already been diving but don’t have a certificate nor feel very confident in the water; yet don’t need pool training. You will have a detailed briefing about safety underwater and how to dive. After the briefing we will take you to one of the best dive locations in Bali. *Nusa Penida is not available for this program; due to safety factors such as strong currents and waves. This program is not run in Nusa Penida.




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